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PUBLISHED BY ITALIA OGGI on 13-09-2012The evaluation of the insolvency estate is one of the key aspects in the management of the procedure, in Italy most of the editors rely on... leggi tutto
Leading event in sustaining the marble system on the world market in order to promote development of products and technologies and become an increasingly qualified cultural workshop... leggi tutto
PUBLISHED BY ITALIA OGGI on 26-07-2012 PBG Ltd share an innovation in the field of services: offers to bankruptcy judges the opportunity to spread the call for participation making... leggi tutto
PUBLISHED BY ITALIA OGGI on 06-06-2012Thanks to the experience gained over the years PBG is more and more influential as a subject in the analysis and illustration of the problems... leggi tutto
PUBLISHED BY ITALIA OGGI on 31-05-2012Through the research work in collaboration with the University of Cassino PBG srl presents its views based on the findings, appearing a... leggi tutto
PUBLISHED BY ITALIA OGGI on 10-05-2012 New publication of the analytical work done by PBG on the mechanisms and roles related to failures and Italian curators.
Practical aspects and responsibility profiles
PUBLISHED BY IL SOLE 24 ORE ON 20-02-2012 PBG Ltd participated with a delegation of Italian businessmen in a series of meetings held in Afghanistan aimed at opening up new... leggi tutto
By a group of six companies with proven experience in the sale of industrial assets and the promotion of online auctions is born EARA
Presentation of the results of research on the role of the curator and how liquidation of assets held by the Department of Environmental Business and Management at the University of... leggi tutto
PBG Ltd explores the emerging markets taking part in UMEX 2010 in Mumbai (INDIA)
Leading international trade fair in the field of used industrial equipment

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